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Building Small Business Networks with


Small Business Education & Resources Leveraging Local Community Colleges

Work Completed

Working as a part of the Supportedly team* leant me the opportunity to build the primary structure of this extensive site and leverage significant conditional logic to pull off a highly customized experience for users across multiple counties in Western North Carolina.

*These projects have been completed as part of my employment with WE•DO Inc. and are displayed only as examples of my work and capabilities. NO CLAIM OF COPYRIGHT OR OWNERSHIP IS MADE BY USAGE OF THESE IMAGES IN THIS PORTFOLIO. All imagery is copyright their respective owners.

Breadth of Work

  • Rebuilt WordPress website with new styling and consolidated sitemap
  • Used custom fields and post types to leverage conditional logic in dynamic templates
  • Standardized assets to new brand styles from multiple previous iterations
  • Collaborated with dev team to create custom coded site styles
  • Built & styled website lessons programs

Unique Challenges & Solutions

  • Speaking to & complying with a wide audience of Small Business Owners & Associations
    From funding partners to numerous community colleges- there are many invested parties involved with this project set to support local Small Business Owners
  • Developing Learning Management Systems
    A portion of the Supportedly Website includes lessons for users