About ShanNOn

Digital Creator & Front-end Web Developer

I have been building websites on multiple platforms since Yahoo Geocities, however, my web building career began in earnest in 2017 when I began specializing in WordPress websites. I have built, modified, and maintained dozens of websites for a wide variety of business types- professional services, higher education, specialized products, e-commerce, advisors, branding & consultants, realtors, digital services, and residential & commercial service providers.

My experience with graphic design includes both print and web work. I have experience with designing brochures, book graphics, maps, flyers, posters, magazine & newspaper ads, product labels, and more. On digital platforms, I have designed presentations, website graphics, web app layouts, PDFs, simple animations, and curated & edited extensive photo assets for clients.

My unique blend of backgrounds results from a life-long drive to discover and learn new skills and problem solve in any application. See more of my work in my Design Portfolio & Resume.


[W]orking with you both has been an absolute pleasure and I hope I get to do it again.

Andrew Rowe
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You’re the freakin best! My website looks awesome!! 

Kaitlin Driskill

Multi-media Fine Artist

I am a multi-media artist in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I produce art that encourages the viewer to consider the texture, color, and form of plants and organic subjects. I am passionately in love with the natural world and work to explore and emulate it in my work. 

I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, finding they allow me to pursue different avenues of exploration in my pieces. In all areas, I delve into the structures and details that create the whole of a living form. I hope this effort serves to convey my own joy and fascination of my subjects to my audience. I am thrilled to find myself at this threshold and want to truly discover where my art can take me.


I spend a much of my free time working in my extensive herb and flower garden, seeking inspiration and fulfillment through gardening. I've hiked much of my local forests and now make it my mission to spread this love to my children.